Wheat Beer

One One Five – Wheat Beer – Batch #08

Brewing Period: 3 weeks

A German style Wheat Beer made with a combination of Pilsner, Munich malted barley and malted wheat. Hopped during the boil with Hallertau and dry hopped in the fermentation with Sumemr hops.

The beer is fermented with a German yeast strain WB-06 at a high temperature to create fruity esters, these esters are most noticeable by the slight banana flavour in the finish.

With these beers, it is best to stick with lighter more subtle meals. There is a reason; the yeast remanants in the beer – so you can taste them. These go down well with dessert. A German Hefeweizen with a bana custard or an orange dessert would be a good match. Citrus style desserts bring out the lemon/orange and spice from this style beer.